After the Rain Reflections, light and retro

You know me.

I love light. I like dusk light. I like golden light. I like blue light.

Why not?

The word photography comes from Greek words that mean drawing (or, painting) with light. I’d better like light. I’d better like light that is pretty beyond the norm. That’s the heart and soul of making a photograph.

Then it gets easier. You just have to stand in front of better stuff. But. This is a huge but. You know, but, but, but. You have to know where that better is stuff is located. Wandering around aimlessly won’t get you anywhere. Even when I took the picture of the summer growth with the out of focus bridge in the background, I wasn’t aimlessly drifting. I knew were I wanted to be. I just couldn’t get there. Everything fell into place.

That’s why…

I like to return to the…

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